The RTI NANO G100 devices comprise the most powerful showlasers of RTI. Like all systems of RTI, the RTI NANO G100 projectors are completely made in Germany.

The RTI NANO G100 has a guaranteed output power of 100'000mW.

These laser projectors are equipped with green high power fibre-laser DPSS laser modules at 532nm. Thanks to TEM00 beam profile (TEM = Transverse electromagnetic mode), the beam divergence is very low, thus beam widening over the distance is reduced to a minimum. Furthermore this projector is air cooled and there is no water cooling necessary. The housings are very durable and waterproof according to IP65.

With the fast CT-6215HP scanners (60kpps@8° ILDA) and their TEM00 beam profile with ca. 5mm and only 0.3mrad, these units are suitable for every possible event especially for long distance projections.

All RTI NANO G100 projectors are equipped with ILDA interface for standard computer control and come with an advanced main board control via browser interface. It is possible to access the configuration settings for color, scanning and other parameters directly through a browser application by connecting to the laser via LAN (W-LAN with suitable access point). With this browser interface it is no longer necessary to physically access the laser projector (that is probably mounted in several meter height). All configurations can be set remotely from any computer (PC, MAC, Linux), tablet or even mobile phone.
Further control modes and a detachable remote control pad are available on request.

External power supply with CEE 16A-(3P+N+E) connector is provided with the laser system.

Ray Technologies
Moc gwarantowana (za optyką):
100'000 mW
Dioda Zielona:
100'000 mW / 532 nm
Klasa Lasera:
Specyfikacja wiązki (pełen kąt):
TEM00 około 5 mm / 0.3 mrad
CT-6215HP Big Boy Driver, 60kpps@8° ILDA
Kąt skanowania:
80° (@30kpps)
Żródło wiązki:
DPSS fibre-laser
Tryby pracy:
ILDA; opcjonalnie control modes on request
Browser interface (integrzed), instrukcja obsługi, kluczyk bezpieczeństwa, zasilacz; opcjonalnie: detachable zdalne sterowanie pad incl. pzch cable
Pobór energii:
2500 W
705/700/300 mm
80 kg