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Copyright 2018 - The Laserworld Group

The 2018 revised Laserworld Diode Series units come with diode-only laser sources ("Pure Diode") and thus have great beam specifications with beautiful analog color modulation.
The DS-1000RGB units have a bult-in memory with preset patterns, that can be easily triggered through DMX and can be controlled over ILDA for professional laser shows.

Beginners as well as professionals use the Laserworld Diode Series units, as they are easy to use, versatile in their features and very compact and lightweight.

The Laserworld DS-1000RGB comes with 180 mW red at 638 nm and uses green diodes at 520 nm (120 mW). The blue diode has 700 mW power at 450 nm.

Beam specifications are at great 3 mm/1.0 mrad full angle and scanning can go as fast as 30 kpps@8°, whereas the scanners can scan a maximum angle of 45°.

With integrated and switchable scan fail safety.

The whole projector is built with Sealed Housing technology and thus maintenance intervals can be kept very low.

Moc gwarantowana (za optyką):
900 mW
Dioda Czerwona:
180 mW / 638 nm
Dioda Zielona:
120 mW / 520 nm
Dioda Niebieska:
700 mW / 450 nm
Klasa Lasera:
Specyfikacja wiązki (pełen kąt):
około 3 mm / 1.0 mrad
30 kpps@8°
Kąt skanowania:
Żródło wiązki:
Tryby pracy:
kabel zasilający, instrukcja obsługi, kluczyki bezpieczeństwa, interlock, kluczyk bezpieczeństwa
85 V - 250 V / AC, 50/60 Hz internal PSU
Pobór energii:
40 W
200 x 140 x 110 mm (L x W x H)
2.8 kg

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