The RTI NANO Rainbow Series comprise high end show laser light systems 'Made in Germany'.

The RTI NANO Rainbow 55 has a guaranteed output power of 50'000mW and a typical output power of 62'000mW - full color RGCB!

These laser projectors are equipped with laser diodes as well as green OPSL laser sources. The special type of modules provides brilliant colors and great color mixtures. Beam accuracy and beam shape is extremely advanced, so these units are suitable for high professional applications.

With their very fast CT-6215HP (>60kpps@8° ILDA) and its CT Big Boy drivers these units are suitable for every possible event. These white light laser devices guarantee great quality even at long distance projections.

All RTI NANO Rainbow projectors are equipped with ILDA interface for standard computer control. In addition to that it is possible to order optional contol modes, like LAN, DMX, SD-card or auto mode. Even W-DMX is available on request.

Projector settings can easily be adjusted through the versatile remote touch control pad.

Ray Technologies
Moc całkowita:
Moc gwarantowana (za optyką):
Dioda Czerwona:
11'000mW / 658nm; >10'000mW / 638nm
Dioda Zielona:
20'000mW / 530nm
Dioda Niebieska:
10'400mW / 450nm
Dioda Cyan:
7'500mW / 462nm
Klasa Lasera:
Specyfikacja wiązki (pełen kąt):
około 6mm / <1.0mrad
CT-6215HP (CT Big Boy Driver),>60kpps@8° ILDA, step response time (2° opt. step): 0.13msec
Kąt skanowania:
60° max.
Żródło wiązki:
Dioda, Coherent Taipan OPSL
Tryby pracy:
ILDA; opcjonalnie DMX, Auto, LAN, Karta SD, W-DMX
Detachable zdalne sterowanie pad, instrukcja obsługi, kluczyk bezpieczeństwa, Buccaneer kabel zasilający, pzch cable
85-250V AC 50/60Hz
Pobór energii:
1'200 W
773/385/205 mm
42 kg